General Warranty

Southern Specialties, a Division of The Agilis Group, LLC (“Southern”) warrants all products manufactured, sold and repaired by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, its obligation under this warranty being limited to repairing or replacing at its factory, within 1 year after shipment, with the exception of purchased items (such as slides, electronic devices, etc.), in which case that manufacturer’s warranty applies.

Warranty applies when returned freight is prepaid and which, upon examination, shall disclose to have been defective. This warranty does not apply to any product or component which has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Southern, or has become damaged due to misuse, negligence or casualty, or has not been operated or maintained according to Southern’s printed instructions and warnings.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. The remedies of the Buyer are the exclusive and sole remedies available and Buyer shall not be entitled to receive any incidental or consequential damages. Buyer waives the benefit of any rule that disclaimer of warranty shall be construed against Southern and agrees that such disclaimers herein shall be construed liberally in favor of Southern.

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