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From precision sheet metal fabrication to fully assembled turnkey products, Southern Specialties is your premier contract manufacturing partner.

Contract manufacturing solutions done right and delivered on time.

Quality Guaranteed

Every custom enclosure, fabricated sheet metal or weldment project goes through rigorous inspections to ensure it meets the customer’s specification.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer product support at any stage of product development including engineering, fabrication, assembly, and quality assurance testing.

On-Time Performance

We pride ourselves on performance. And, we hold our team accountable to deliver on our promises through a transparent and collaborative culture.

A Software Solution in Need of a Hardware Solution

Southern Specialties was approached and presented with an industrial rendering of their concept for an interactive kiosk. It would need to accommodate a blood pressure cuff, weight scale and body mass index clip.

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Building From A Strong Foundation

See how Southern delivers on a fabricated chassis for a heavy equipment manufacturer.

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