Holes are cut in sheet metal by a laser system

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Before any project moves on to welding and forming, metal is cut to exact specifications. No matter the requirements, Southern Specialties can provide sheet metal laser cutting of materials up to one-inch thick. Two state-of-the-art laser cells anchor our shop. A laser system allows us to produce high-quality pieces every time. Both machines offer a 2-D laser cutting system that processes flat-sheet materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Laser Cutting Equipment Maximum Material CapacityMaximum Material Thickness
Bystronic ByStar Fiber laser 10k 60″ (Wide) x 120″ (Length) .500″ (Cold Rolled Steel)
.250″ (Stainless Steel)
.250″ (Aluminum)
Bystronic BySmart Fiber laser 6k

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