A welding robot welds several points on an assembly

MIG, TIG, Spot, Stud and Robotic Welding

Metal welding cells connect all the pieces of the puzzle in our shop. We have tools to meet all of your welding needs including MIG welding for the joining and melting of wire electrodes to metals. We also offer TIG welding, a higher-precision process that uses a tungsten electrode to weld steel as well as non-ferrous metals. We are also equipped with an Electric Resistance Welder, or Spot Welder, for joining metal and stud-welding studs to sheet metal. For larger, or the most demanding jobs, our in-house OTC Fusion Arc 300L robotic welding cell can be programmed to perform all handling and welding of your project for the most cost-effective and precise metal work.

Welding EquipmentMaterialsMaterial Thickness
4 x Lincoln Electric Power Wave 300c Advanced MIG/TIG welders
2 x OTC Fusion Robotic cell
T.J. Snow TE101 Resistance Spotwelder
IPG Lightweld XC Laser welder

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