A Software Solution in Need of a Hardware Solution

A software company was pursuing an opportunity to provide technology for the self-service health industry. To flesh out the idea, they needed to partner with a company highly-qualified to custom design and manufacture the actual, physical structure. Southern Specialties was approached and presented with an industrial rendering of their concept for an interactive kiosk. It would need to accommodate a blood pressure cuff, weight scale and body mass index clip. It would need to incorporate a facing touch-screen monitor, advertising monitor, printer, web cam and speakers. It would also need to be modular so that it could be easily modified based on different feature options.

Assembling the hardware portion of the kiosk.

Engineering the Concept

Developing a cost-effective product requires a truly smart design. Southern’s team gave considerable forethought to ease of assembly, manufacturing, serviceability, ergonomics and comfort in an effort to determine a timeline and prototype costs. Once this was accomplished, they created a 3D model rendering which was the first opportunity the client had to review and weigh-in on the development process. Once all of the desired changes were made, Southern created the prototype which underwent another review with the client to further refine the product before it ultimately went to production.

Firing up the Shop

With a final design in hand, it was time to transform flat sheets of steel into a gleaming new product. Specifications for the cuts were programmed into the laser machine for precise cutting. Newly cut steel pieces advanced to the forming machines allowing them to accurately bend the steel and then weld the various pieces together. Powder coating and vinyl-wrapped branding were the final touches before drop shipping the product to the client’s customers.

From Complexity to Simplicity — Turning an Idea into Reality

Two workers assemble a sleek health industry kiosk

The project began with a basic industrial rendering of a self-service health kiosk. What was actually produced as a result of this collaborative effort was a functional health product that exceeded the client’s expectations. Our ability to form sleek curves sets this kiosk a world apart from the typical box structure, steel kiosks. It’s a level of sophistication that is both modern and inviting, and it’s one of the many reasons why clients turn to Southern Specialties for their hardware solutions.

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